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Seiler today is one of Europe’s most important manufacturers of pianos and grands – since 1849, the company keeps giving anwers to the question about the perfect piano. Due to this aim for perfection, the name of Seiler has an excellent renown worldwide after these 160 years – just like the pianos and grands that bear this name…


Seiler’s success is based on experience, the spirit of innovation and the craftsmanship passed on from generation to generation. Even with today’s techniques, a piano only becomes a “genuine Seiler” by our worker’s skills and knowledge of piano making. They create a masterpiece of piano manufacture from precisely made parts in more than a hundred steps of work – the basis for perfect playing throughout decades. Although the technology is hardly visible to the player, the transparent sound of a Seiler becomes obvious at the first touch


Membrator groove By developing the SEILER Membrator system, the acoustic properties of the soundboard and thus the transparent sound that is characteristic for SEILER have been optimized. State-of-the-art action design for professional exigencies To assemble a grand piano action that will meet professional pianists’ requirements from around 6.000 wooden, metal, leather and felt parts is a job that needs to be done with craftsman’s skills, musical understanding and experience.

Tuning block made of cross-glued, multi-layer beech wood The multi-layer beech tuning block is designed to provide high stability and strong support for the string tension, which leads to an especially good stability of the tuning. Frenator soft-close system The patented Frenator soft-close system allows smooth automatic closing of the fallboard and therefore avoids damages or injuries by a fallboard dropping shut. Massive spruce key-bed The whole action and keyboard of a grand piano rest on the key-bed. Its three-layer construction provides long-lasting stability and thus a permanently precise functioning of the action.

Massive beech legs, glued The high weight of a grand piano needs a stable support. Therefore, the legs for our instruments are made from selected massive beech wood. Soundboard support with glued-in ribs The soundboard support carries the soundboard and connects it to the rim. Thanks to its design with a curve, a connection is created that offers the soundboard best resonance conditions. Soundboard from mountain spruce with especially fine grain The soundboard is the heart of the instrument. It consists of mountain spruce wood that is around 8mm thin and is glued to the rim in a slight curve to obtain some tension.

The vibrations of the strings are transmitted to the soundboard by the bridges and amplified by it. Ribs made of spruce with standing growth rings Stabilizing ribs are glued to the rear side of the soundboard. Each of these ribs has a specific form, which adds to the membrane effect of the soundboard.

Massive spruce back posts, wedge-glued The back posts, consisting of massive wedge-glued spruce wood, strut the framework, the so-called rim. The rim serves as a stable support for the soundboard and allows it to oscillate freely.





Bridge with maple multi-layer top The bridge is the connection between the strings and the soundboard. Our bridges are made from beech with a top layer of maple provides a tight fit of the bridge pins and a precise transmission of the strings’ vibrations to the soundboard. Keyboard made of best fine spruce The keyboard is the link between player and instrument. It transmits all emotions and powers. Therefore, only best and selected wood is used here. Rim made of 3mm beech veneer stripes, torsion-free bonding The rim is the frame of a grand piano. It connects the instrument’s parts and gives it its shape. The soundboard is mounted on the rim by means of the soundboard support; also, the visible outer rim is fixed on it.. the rim is made of several layers of beech veneer that are 3mm thick.

Cast-iron frame DIN 1691/GG20 Stability for SEILER sound! The cast-iron frame that is capable of resisting the huge string tension of more than 20 tons without bending is the basis for a powerful and dynamic tone. Therefore, high-grade cast iron (DIN1691/GG20) is used as it has the least tendency to vibrate by itself of all cast iron types and therefore does not create unwanted sounds. Curving of the soundboard by means of the TVS to create a permanent longitudinal curve By means of the SEILER-patented Tone Volume Stabiliser, the richness and projection of sound are improved. Also the elasticity of the soundboard is optimised and preserved. Outer rim made of 2,4 mm mahogany veneer stripes The outer rim can also be called the cabinet rim. It does not only provide the instrument’s nice outward appearance, but also influences its sound.