Introducing PNOmation3

Connecting With PNOmation Just Got A Whole Lot Easier

    1. Wi-Fi Direct - there is no internet connection required. 
      Log on as if it is in StandAlone mode, great for Wi-Fi client setup, loss of internet, and any other access without an internet connection.

    1. Wi-Fi Network Client - The benefits of being a client on your network. 
      Access multiple players on a network, auto-updates, auto PNOcloud and PNOmation Cloud backups, ease of access, smart home integration, Amazon Echo, Apple watch, and access to exclusive content. Works simultaneously with the Wi-Fi Direct mode.

    1. Bluetooth MIDI - gives you instant access to 3rd party apps without wires. From Piano Marvel to Garage Band.

    1. Bluetooth Audio In-stream content to the system with QRS's secure AMI signal, allowing you to play streaming video performances while you watch them on any of your devices or big screen.
    2. Bluetooth Audio Out - Bluetooth speakers that are up high, the PNOmation system has delay settings for syncing again.

    1. 3G Option - this future feature gives you essential and unique network capabilities without a Wi-Fi network.

Best of all, You will enjoy how easy it is to set up.
We are the only player system to offer this capability. 

Contact your local sales representative for a special offer to get you started and experience this powerful feature set. 


Accessible from any device, using any OS.

PNOmation3 The Next Generation Of Player Piano Technology.

  • The most advanced player technology.
  • The most advanced optical record technology.
  • The best and most comprehensive music content.
  • Industries' best roster of artists.
  • = Great performances.