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Protect your instrument with the high-quality Kawai piano cover! This cover will protect your grand piano while in storage or moving locations from water damage, dirt, scratches, etc... These covers are made of waterproof vinyl or Mackintosh fabric. The best part? They're custom manufactured for each individual grand piano!

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Models GM 1: 4'9", Models GM 10/GM 2: 5'0", Models GE1, KG1C, KG1D, GE20: 5'1", Models CP200, CP205: 5'3", Models KG-1E: 5'4", Models KG1A, RX1, GE30: 5'5", Models GE2: 5'7", Models KG2, RX2: 5'10", Models GX2: 5'11", Models KG3, GS30, GS40, RX3: 6'1", Models GX3: 6'2", Models RX5: 6'6", Models GX5: 6'7", Models KG5: 6'8", Models GS50, GS60: 6'9", Models RX6 : 7'0", Models KG6, KG7: 7'4", Models GS70 : 7'5", Models RX7 : 7'6", Models GS80 : 8'2", and Models KG8, GS100: 9'1"


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Black or Brown Mackintosh - A combination of heavy water repellent drill cloth bonded to a soft cotton flannel backing. and Black or Brown Vinyl - Heavy leatherette, bonded to a soft flannel backing (water repellent).

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To measure the length of the Grand Piano, measure in a straight line from very front of the keyboard to the very rear of the piano. You will need to measure the full length of your piano, so be sure to measure from the very back end to the very front of the keyboard. Once you have the measurement you will now use it to select the cover that fits your Grand Piano or Baby Grand Piano. Example: If your Grand Piano measures 5′ 1″, you will choose the cover that fits a 5’0″ to 5’2″ Grand Piano. It is that easy.