Our piano appraisal service is intended as a piano price point for potential sale or for insurance valuations. Will also appraise pianos as part of any trade in 

Our appraisal and evaluation is key to hiring one of our piano technicians to service your piano.

There are several factors that impact the assessment of a piano's value, which can include the following:

  • Type (Vertical, Grand; or Square Grand)
  • Model or Size
  • Age of the Piano
  • Interior and Exterior Condition (i.e. Finish, Case, & Keys)
  • Intrinsic Design
  • Manufacturer and Grade (i.e.. Low, Mid-Grade, or High Performance)
  • Depreciation Factors
  • Rarity and scarcity valuations
  • Furniture and antique value
  • Restoration history
  • Player System Installation - Past or Present
  • Willingness to sell locally or outside the local market

To schedule an appointment for an appraisal, please contact us here.