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The P-515 has an enhanced VRM model and comes equipped with a powerful onboard speaker system. A built-in microphone allows you to play along with rhythm playback. The P-515 also includes Yamaha's innovative Smart Pianist app, which lets you customize your sounds and touch response. You can even create a custom songbook featuring your favorite songs and melodies. This versatile instrument can be used as a stand alone piano or integrated into any AV setup.

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The P-515 is the flagship in the P-series. Its advanced sound quality, features, and design make this an ideal digital piano for players of all levels.


Weight: 22.0kg (48 lb, 8 oz), Width: 1336mm (52-5/8" ), Height: 376mm (5-11/16"), and Depth: 145mm (14-13/16")


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It's Your Piano...

Download the Smart Pianist app for iOS, connect your device to your piano, and you have added an intuitive touch screen interface making navigating the sounds and settings of your instrument even easier. Smart Pianist seals the deal by accessing the songs in your iOS device's music library creating a chord chart for you, so you can play along with recordings of your personal favorite songs