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QRS PNOmation OT (Over the Top)

QRS PNOmation OT (Over the Top)

QRS PNOmation Goes Portable!



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    • The Largest and Best Player Piano Library

      - Thousands of tracks from different genres, artists and albums.

      - Colored fonts identify type of track: Solo, Concert or SyncAlong.

    • Wireless Capabilities

      - Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Direct built in for easy setup and access from any Wi-Fi enabled device regardless of Internet status.

      - Bluetooth Audio and MIDI built in allows for wireless communication to software applications and speakers.

    • User Options

      - Schedule playlists or radio playback on/off time, and set playback volume.

      - Multiple Playback Sources: MIDI-in using 5 pin din, USB, Memory Stick, Internal MIDI, Bluetooth, Bluetooth MIDI, Network, Analog MIDI and QRS's Patented SyncAlong Technology.

      - Key performance setups and alignments do not require you to call a technician.

      - MIDI Control Options: Tempo, Transpose, Volume, MIDI Channels.

      - Record a live piano using a mic, your piano and the OT.

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    PNOmation OT Overview

    • Set-up is a snap! Thumb wheel adjust dials in the solenoid throw. Only one cable to plug in the sidecar controller.

    • Wheels and handles allow for easy shipping and transport.

    PNOmation OT Studio

    Great for capturing live acoustic samples and performances from MIDI.